Bible Discussion Groups

The Bible discussion groups are always voluntarily attended, are non-denominational and not affiliated with any church. The studies are topical and cover such areas as friendship, habits, hurts, love, self-image, anger and peer pressure, using the Bible as a guide.Bible Discussion Group

We begin with open discussion on the topic, then usually read a story or play a song that relates to the topic. We wrap the time together up by discussing what the Bible might have to say about the issue and how god could help us deal with that area of our lives. Each young person has an opportunity to express his/her ideas and beliefs.

Approximatelyd&a bible 2 40 percent of incarcerated youth who have the opportunity to attend Full Circle Refuge Bible discussion groups do so. Volunteers are asked to make a one-year commitment, but we have found that 88 percent volunteer beyond that because of the high level of personal satisfaction they receive from leading studies.