One Degree At A Time – Change the Way They Think & Act!


One Degree at a Time (ODAT) – FCR’s highly trained mentors assist at-risk youth of predominantly racial and ethnic minorities to move past obstacles, and fulfill their potential in this unique, intensive 10-week program. Parents are also mentored and supported through the crisis.ODAT Hburg4

One Degree at a Time (ODAT) – “Change the Way You Think and Act!”
Full Circle refuge is committed to assisting at-risk youth by helping them to redirect their paths through utilization of the One Degree at a Time program. ODAT is a ten week intensive program where youth who are at risk for delinquency are guided and taught how to change the way they think and act, reclaim a life of fulfillment, and walk away from disillusion and deception.
Components of this program:

Life skills training, including topics such as goal setting, decision-making, conflict resolution and self-esteem are addressed. The curriculum for the sessions includes team-building skills, listening skills, negotiation skills, and violence prevention.


Goals and Expectations

 Reduce recidivism rates
 Encourage family restoration
 Reduce truancy and chronic absences from school
 Prepare youth for self sufficiency and academic success
 Develop work & social skills; terminate gang affiliation
 Demonstrate an environment that respects and honors diversity so as to discourage binding together of groups for destructive purposes
 Structure resources for long-term successIMG_20121120_163921

The program is designed to address many of the increasing social needs, that at-risk youth face which lead to affiliation and/or mem74CF0140bership in gangs. The expected outcome from participation in the program is:

 Participants will express a greater commitment to stay in school.
 Participants will have increased self-esteem.
 Participants will develop greater relationships with family.
 Participants will demonstrate less risk taking behavior.
 Participants will demonstrate a greater sense of belonging.
 Participants will demonstrate increased pro-social involvement.
 Participants will develop a greater resiliency to avoid gang membership.