Gang Awareness Education Intervention Programs

We cannot stop gang growth if we deny they exist, don’t know the signs,

and don’t do anything to stop them!


  • FCR Ministries targets kids from elementary school age concentrating on 12 to 21 years of age including all races, genders and levels of income, but focusing on schools located in lower income areas. Full Circle Refuge educates church and community leaders, parents, teachers, and students about the consequences of gang involvement and the benefits of making good choices.
  • FCR Ministries serves the community by going into schools and presenting Gang Awareness Prevention and Intervention Education programs about gangs present in our area, the signs of kids who are at-risk, identifying who may be involved, and what we can do to make the community a safer place to live.
  • This intensive training equips churches, youth organizations, schools and volunteers with a knowledgeable background and awareness of the characteristics, habits, behaviors, and customs of gangs known in America today.
  • It is an informative, interactive course with expert instruction that covers components such as intervention and prevention, while providing an in depth knowledge of the current trends of criminal street level gangs and other gang types. Participants leave with a greater understanding of the gang lifestyle, its appeal to some youth and actions to curb the trend.37120_1617321627474_1041162_n
  • Topics addressed include:
    • Identify warning signs in the community.
    • Generate ideas on how to work together as a community to deter gang related            activity.
    • Provide current information on contemporary gang trends, gang identifiers and school violence issues.
    • Identify intervention and prevention strategies and how to develop them.
    • Identify risk and protective factors.
    • Differentiate between gangs.
  • Workshop goals:73986_1617320467445_4060507_n
    • Educate the community about pressures teens encounter today.
    • Discourage teens and youth from gang involvement.
    • Help teens resist peer pressure and make good decisions.
    • Encourage teens to abstain from unsafe and unproductive lifestyles that may result in imprisonment.