Gang Awareness Education & Intervention gangThis educational program provides straight forward realistic insights on identifying local gangs and at-risk youth, and which actions can be implemented to make our communities safer, including identifying who is at-risk. Read more….

One Degree at a Time (ODAT)IMG_20111122_185636 – FCR’s highly trained mentors assist at-risk youth of predominantly racial and ethnic minorities to move past obstacles, and fulfill their potential in this unique, intensive 10-week program. Parents are also mentored and supported through the crisis.

Youth Development Campus (YDC)  Groupsts are always voluntarily attended, are non-denominational and not affiliated with any church. The studies are topical and cover such areas as friendship, habits, hurts, love, self-image, anger and peer pressure, using the Bible as a guide.

Who Am I? Identity Crisis of our Youth PODCAST




Podcast logo Who am -1 144This Podcast blog is a collections of articles, comments, ideas with lots of TRUTH to share with others that are REALLY interested in see REAL CHANGE in our youth of today. Listen TODAY!