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“Education Key To Addressing Gang Issue, Say Experts”-The Augusta Chronicle

“Devon Harris, a certified gang intervention specialist, hands out a pamphlet called “How to get your kid in” that tells parents the things they’re doing that can push children to the gang life family. They include removing the presence of a good man or mentor, yelling frequently, allowing unlimited cellphone and electronic usage, allowing them to be unsupervised frequently, not learning about their circle of friends and ignoring warning signs.”

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“Gang Activity Increasing In Augusta Area”-The Augusta Chronicle

“When they come together they can all identify with each other,” (Devon) Harris said of the “family” mentality. “That creates a sense of belonging. It’s kind of like, in a sense, a group therapy type thing. They help each other.”

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“Former Gang Member Reflects On His Life”-Augusta Chronicle

“In the gang world they don’t forget,” (Devon) Harris added. “They never forget.”

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New interventions could help kids stay in school

Some interventions could be handled through the Aiken Center for Drugs and Alcohol Services, Aiken Youth Empowerment and a gang intervention program, “One Degree at a Time.”
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Proposed Bill Could Give Gang Members the Death Penalty



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Ministry works ‘inside the fence’ at Augusta Youth Development Campus

Devon Harris, the executive director of Full Circle Refuge, and Aaron Snow run a ministry for inmates at the Augusta Youth Development Campus. Read more

Intervention program urges positive thinking

Members of the class, called One Degree at a Time, met once a week at Christ Central of Aiken for a 10-week course that stresses critical thinking and positive decision-making. Read more….


Ones to watch in the next decade: honorable mention

Chronicle editors and reporters compiled a list of other movers and shakers who will help shape the next decade: DEVON HARRIS: Founder of Full Circle Refuge, a youth ministry that focuses on gangs. With gang activity on the rise, Harris’ focus on reducing/preventing gang involvement among at-risk youths will become even more important during the decade. Read more…


Gangs pervasive in modern society

So pervasive is street gang culture in American society that elements have seeped into the popular children’s cartoon, said the Augusta-based gang intervention specialist who delivered a lecture on gangs during a March 14 forum at Grovetown Middle School. Read more….


More Augusta gangs affiliating with national groups

Local gangs are affiliating themselves with nationally known gangs, a move that has made them stronger and more organized, local law enforcement officials say. Read more….


Marriage data can reflect region’s economic health

DEVON HARRIS SEES the impact of broken families in his work as a gang intervention specialist at Full Circle Refuge, a youth ministry that offers mentoring to at-risk youth and those re-entering the community from the juvenile justice system. Read more…


Speakers get graphic with kids

Devon Harris’ graphic straight talk on the wages of gang life had Morgan Road Middle School’s seventh-graders groaning and giggling Tuesday.


Augusta gang shootings on rise, police say

“The evidence is key, but witnesses can tie it all together.”Gang mentality is very much like a cult, said Devon Harris, a local gang interventionist and founder of Full Circle Refuge Ministries. The gang leader often has deluded members… Read more…


Augusta officials blame First Friday shooting on gangs

..said gang members learn in prison how to run gangs. After being released on parole, they start running crime rings.Devon Harris, the founder of Full Circle Refuge, which works with at-risk youth, said the mentality of gangs in Augusta has… Read more…


Saving Our Students rally targets violence, bullying in schools

“It was something that I really didn’t tell anybody about.”Devon Harris, the founder of Full Circle Refuge, which works with at-risk youth, tried to offer insight into why kids might bully… Read more…


Save Our Students launches campaign to break youth violence

…completely involved in that lifestyle.”What’s needed to make an anti-violence movement work is consistency, said Devon Harris, the founder of Full Circle Refuge Ministries, a gang intervention group. Harris has partnered with Save our Students… Read more…


Anti-violence message brought to Cross Creek High School

..wearing camouflage, Principal Jason Moore said.On Wednesday, students listened to anti-violence messages from Devon Harris, the founder of Full Circle Refuge Ministries, a gang intervention group.”We’ve got to be better. We’ve got…Read more…


Graffiti draws gang rivalries

…bring the argument to a halt, gang prevention expert Devon Harris said. Considering that a riot broke out at nearby Academy…Richmond County sheriff’s Investigator Paul Godden; Devon Harris, director of Full Circle Refuge; Keep America Beautiful..Read more…..


Ex-con teaches troubled teens

..drug and alcohol abusers. As the aftercare manager for Full Circle Refuge in Martinez, he’s the right-hand man to Devon Harris, the ministry’s executive director who’s taking on Augusta’s gang problem through interventions and seminars…Read more….


A suspicious image

..possible future for Augusta. “Columbia didn’t react to it, and now they’re having a major problem with gangs,” Devon Harris, a gang intervention specialist, told a packed house during a gang awareness seminar at Aldersgate United Methodist…Read more….


Ministry shows kids what hero looks like

When Devon Harris asks the kids at the Youth Development Center who their heroes are, he is amazed at the answers. There are mothers and grandmothers…Read more…