“One Degree at a Time-Change the way they think & act!” (ODAT)

April 11, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Richmond County Juvenile Court
Devon Harris
  • Scope of Work: A 10-week cycle/2-hour intervention program – “One Degree at a Time-Change the way they think & act!” (ODAT) for max of 15 students per cycle.



  • Components of this program: life skills training, goal setting, decision-making, conflict resolution and self-esteem issues. The curriculum for the sessions includes team-building skills, listening skills, negotiations skills, and violence prevention.


  • Goals and Expectations: reduce recidivism rates, encourage family restoration, reduce truancy and chronic absences from school, prepare youth for self-sufficiency and academic success, develop work & social skills, terminate gang affiliation, demonstrate an environment that respects and honors diversity, and structure resources for long-term success. The program is designed to address many of the increasing social needs, that at-risk youth face which lead to affiliation and/or membership in gangs. The expected outcome from participation in the program is that participants will:
    • Express a greater commitment to stay in school
    • Have increased self-esteem
    • Develop greater relationships with family
    • Demonstrate less risk-taking behavior
    • Demonstrate a greater sense of belonging
    • Demonstrate increased pro-social involvement
    • Develop a greater resiliency to avoid gang membership


  • Program Guidelines:
    • Youth and parent must complete interview process
    • Age range is for youth between 12 and 17 years of age
    • There are no limitations for youth regarding their prior histories–they are always supervised
    • Progress reports for attendance, behavior and participation are recorded weekly


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