Living a Life of PROMISE

Living a Life of PROMISE Discussion Groups
Thank you for your interest in Full Circle Refuge PROMISE discussion groups.

PROMISE Discussion Groups are based on Living a Life of PROMISE, a recovery discussion guide that coordinates the biblical principles of traditional 12-Step programs and Christian character development. FCRPromiseGroup

The material is designed for three eight-week sessions:  Life Recovery, Substance Abuse Recovery and Family Relationships.  Each discussion is topical and introduces the skills necessary to live a life of PROMISE: purpose, responsibility, openness, maturity, integrity, strength and encouragement.

Discussions begin with a film clip and move through a series of questions, illustrations, stories and scriptures designed to promote open dialogue and introduce a key principle such as: “I need hope. God can help.” Music and film clips are used to bring the group discussion to a powerful conclusion.FCR02_sm

Discussion guide materials include a leaders guide, stories and illustrations, journal pages for group members (in printable format), a DVD containing film clips and suggestions for relevant music selections.