About FCR – Programs

Bible Discussion Groupsts
Each month at nine campuses across the Southeast,FCR volunteers lead more than twenty Bible Discussion Groups in locked juvenile facilities.


Gang Awareness Education & Intervention149490_1617325307566_753808_n

This educational program provides straight forward realistic insights on identifying local gangs and at-risk youth, and which actions can be implemented to make our communities safer, including identifying who is at-risk. Read more….


Living a Life of PromiseFCRPromiseGroup
This training is based on Straight Ahead’s Living a Life of Promise curriculum which incorporates the principals of a traditional 12-step program – Read more



One Degree at a Time (ODAT)One Degree at a Time -Aiken SC - 1st Session
FCR’s highly trained mentors assist at-risk youth of predominantly racial and ethnic minorities to move past obstacles, and fulfill their potential in this unique, intensive 10-week program. Parents are also mentored and supported through the crisis.         Read More….


Community Aftercareboys_gate
FCR provides continuing care through the development of relationships in order to assist youth in bridging from institutional life back into the community. Networks of churches and community connections are involved to support youth upon release.


Juvenile Justice Ministry Orientation 100_2358
Practical, relevant workshops provide an in-depth overview of high risk youth. Experienced staff empowers local community leaders and educators with proven, effective methods in reaching high risk youth.