Jars of Clay

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Jars of Clay

As a young boy, I enjoyed picking fossils from the shale beds that lined 18-mile Creek near Lake Erie. I was fascinated by the exotic and abundant life forms that had been preserved in the shales, a rock formed from clay. Years later, in Earth science and geology classes, I accepted blindly the professors’ explanations of evolution and Darwin’s theories and their relationship to the fossils I had collected.

Not being grounded well spiritually at the time, I never questioned the disparity between the Biblical version of Creation and the scientific view. I swallowed the lie – hook, line, and sinker. I believed the story that somehow, over millions or billions of years, primitive chemicals combined to form ever more complex molecules, which eventually managed to create the building blocks of life. Then, magically, these chemicals combined somehow and came to life in a single cell that is far more complex than a computer. How gullible I was!

It crossed my mind on occasion that an apparent disparity existed between the story of Adam and Eve and the story of evolution. Not wanting to invest spiritual emotion or energy, I presumed there was an explanation somewhere, but I had simply failed to hear of it. What astounds me now is that I never put two and two together. Nevertheless, I collected the remains of complicated creatures from the shale and no red warning flags went up in my mind.

Clays are among the most common rock-forming materials on Earth and have been present since the Earth began. If you believe the Earth formed billions of years ago, this means clays have been around for billions of years before the complicated life forms that became fossils. An obvious question eluded me for years: if complicated and abundant carbon-based life forms can magically spring out of some postulated primordial soup, why aren’t simple, uncomplicated items made of clay found at all?

In the history of paleontology, no one has ever found even one jar of clay in the fossil record, nor have any broken jars or pieces of jars been found in lithified strata. This contradicts the entire concept of life springing up spontaneously along with the subsequent evolutionary development of advanced life forms. Why would remnants of amazingly complex, living creatures be plentiful in the clay shales, yet simple inanimate items never, ever appear? It’s just not normal.

The reason complex life forms appear in the fossil record is because they were created. They didn’t just happen by random chance, just as life did not occur by random chance. A creation, of course, presumes the existence of a Creator who has the ability, imagination, and motivation to carry out the task. Thus, theological questions arise.

Some may argue that believing in a Creator is an expression of faith. This is correct. What they fail to understand is that believing life was able to begin spontaneously out of a so-called primordial soup is also a matter of faith. Both world-views are simply beliefs and neither can be proven by science. No one saw life created in the Garden of Eden. Neither has anyone seen life start spontaneously or evolve the way Darwin claimed. Thus, they are both theories and ultimately you must choose to believe one or the other based solely on faith. Your faith will lead you to believe in either a Creator or in pond scum.

Needless to say, I no longer believe life evolved from a much-heralded primordial soup. That is not normal. Looking at the evidence, I can’t conclude randomness and evolution were able to create complex life forms but couldn’t even create a simple jar of clay. How can randomness bring forth a multitude of complicated entities but fail to manifest simple ones? The answer is it can’t happen and there’s no evidence to the contrary. Only a potter, a Creator, can make a jar of clay. Only God, our Creator, can bring life into the world.

The next time someone tries to convince you evolution exists by pointing to the fossil record, ask them to show you all the fossilized jars of clay. I’ve searched the fossil record myself, and I can testify they don’t exist.

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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