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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


A young boy walked into a drugstore and asked to use the telephone. He asked the operator to give him a certain number.

“Hello, Dr. Anderson. Do you want to hire a boy to cut the grass and run errands for you? Oh, you already have a boy? Are you completely satisfied with the boy you have? OK then, good-bye Doctor.”

As the boy thanked the druggist, the druggist said, “Just a minute, Son. If you are looking for work, I could use a boy like you. ”

“Thank you, sir, but I have a job,” the boy replied.

“But didn’t I just hear you trying to get a job from Dr. Anderson?”

“No, sir,” said the boy, “You see, I’m the boy who is working for Dr. Anderson. I was just checking up on myself.”

As this young man demonstrates, there is value in receiving periodic, honest feedback from our boss. Similarly, it’s important for each of us to stop and make an honest, objective, spiritual evaluation. We should ask ourselves – Is God really using me the way He wants to use me? Am I usable to God? Should I talk to God to see how He rates my performance instead of looking to others or doing a self-diagnosis? The answer to the last question is Yes.

Today I want you to check up on yourself. Are you being used of God where you live, work and play? I want you to know and believe this—God does want to use you. God can and will use you, when you are usable. The good news is you are usable, as long as you are available to God. He doesn’t need your ability, He needs your availability. He will supply the power and the strength. Through Him, you can make a difference in the world.

We can be thankful that, throughout history, God has provided examples of people He could use to make a difference in the world. This provides a great amount of encouragement for us, especially in these times of anti-God, do-it-yourself spiritualism. We can take comfort in the fact that no matter how dark, how bleak, or how degenerate the world became, God has always had His man or woman on the scene taking a stand and turning the tide of moral and spiritual decay.

It is normal to serve God and make a difference in the world, but you must make yourself available to Him. God does not expect us all to lead the Reformation or lead the Israelites out of Egypt; He just needs us to make ourselves available. God considers serving at church, witnessing to others, helping the young and the infirm, giving generously of time and talents, even cutting a neighbor’s grass, running errands, or other quiet tasks just as great as the accomplishment the world notices and exalts. Without the things we consider small, great things lie fallow.

How would you diagnose your efforts and availability for God’s Kingdom? Are you doing great small things or letting His mission field lie fallow? When you die, is any part of this world going to be better because you have lived and been used by God for His purposes? As with the young boy checking in on his Earthly master, you will be blessed by checking in with your Heavenly Master to see if He is pleased with your job performance. You don’t even need a telephone, just pray. God has your diagnosis waiting as soon as you check in with Him. Just remember – He could use a servant like you.

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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