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Friday, April 8, 2016

Instant Messaging

How quickly things change! Just a short time ago, email revolutionized the world of communication by allowing messages to be sent from one computer to another at the speed of light. The U.S. Postal System and even overnight courier services were dubbed as “snail mail” as we no longer tolerated the excruciating wait for overnight document delivery.

Ironically, even email’s star has faded. Today, email is considered snail mail and cumbersome by most young people. They still think it’s tolerable for broadcasting messages to a large group of people, but for one-on-one communication, they are sold on the technologies of instant messaging and texting. After all, who wants to wait hours or days to get a response when you can send a text message?

Instant messaging is just that – instantaneous. Teenagers don’t want the longer, more involved form of communication by email. After all, email may require a computer; it’s much simpler just to use their cell phone to communicate. This technology provides them a way to be more conversational, perhaps to multiple parties via Twitter. This is not to mention the fact that when they want to communicate, they want to communicate NOW.

Instant messaging is not a new development to Christians. Ever since Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our sins, we have been able to send instant messages to God by going to Him in prayer. Through this privilege He granted us, we no longer have to use the spiritual “snail mail” of going through an intermediary the way Moses and the Israelites had to go through the Levitical priests. We can go to God directly and send Him instant messages any time we want and we are assured they are heard instantly.

Fortunately, God doesn’t have an “in-box” to bottleneck the messages of those who communicate with Him. Our prayerful messages do not languish in Heaven waiting to be opened at the convenience of the Father, He hears them instantly. Even more amazingly, He already knows what’s on our minds and in our hearts and is orchestrating the events in our lives before He hears our prayers. Even though He receives the messages instantly, He does not always grant our wishes immediately, or sometimes at all. He does allow us instant contact with Him, however.

God’s instant messaging system works in reverse with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is always there to guide and counsel us in any situation. When we’re confronted with a situation, often there are choices to be made very quickly, too quickly for us to take the time to go to the LORD in prayer. These are the times when it is critical for us to listen for that instant message from the Holy Spirit telling us the normal, Godly choice we should make. There’s no waiting, just obedient listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Instant messaging through modern electronic technology can provide amazingly fast communication at high speed. However, the most effective and rewarding form of instant messaging occurs in the spiritual realm where our God is always at work, normally before we begin to communicate with Him. Christians have made instant messaging a normal part of their lives for years.

If you’ve never tried it, send a few instant messages to God today. He always enjoys hearing from you. It’s normal to want to talk to Him and to communicate with the One who created the Heavens and the Earth. He allows us this privilege 24/7 and His in-box is never full. What better form of communication could we ask for?

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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