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Normal I AM

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Important List

Remember these important items as you live your normal life:

The Most Destructive Habit:   Worry
The Greatest Joy:   Giving
The Greatest Loss:   Loss of Self-Respect
The Most Satisfying Work:   Helping Others
The Ugliest Personality Trait:   Selfishness
The Most Endangered Species:   Dedicated Leaders
Our Greatest Natural Resource:   Our Youth
The Greatest “Shot in the Arm”:   Encouragement
The Greatest Problem to Overcome:   Fear
The Most Effective Sleeping Pill:   Peace of Mind
The Most Crippling Failure Disease:   Excuses
The Most Dangerous Pariah:   A Gossip
The World’s Most Incredible Computer:   The Brain
The Worst Thing to Be Without:   Hope
The Deadliest Weapon:   The Tongue
The Two Most Power-Filled Words:   “I Can”
The Greatest Asset:   Faith
The Most Worthless Emotion:   Self-Pity
The Most Beautiful Attire:   SMILE!
The Most Prized Possession:   Integrity
The Most Powerful Channel of Communication:   Prayer
The Most Contagious Spirit:   Enthusiasm
The Most Important Thing in Life:   God

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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