Sudden Detachment

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sudden Detachment

Only hours before His crucifixion, Jesus chastised His disciples for falling asleep while He had prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:45-6). While Jesus was still speaking (Matthew 26:47), a detachment of soldiers arrived suddenly along with Judas the betrayer and officials from the chief priests and Pharisees (John 18:4). Judas then betrayed Jesus with a kiss. After a short conversation with Jesus, the men in the detachment suddenly seized Jesus and arrested Him (Matthew 26:50).

Apparently, the Jesus’ seizure was the last straw for the impetuous disciple Peter. He was carrying a sword, one of the two swords the disciples had brought with them to the Garden (Luke 22:38). Why a hot-head such as Peter was entrusted with a lethal weapon is not revealed in Scripture, but armed and dangerous, he now drew the blade. Perhaps still rejecting Jesus’ prediction that He would be killed (Matthew 16:21-23), Peter may have figured that if ever there were a time for him to use this Earthly weapon in defense of his Master, this must be it.

Peter lifted the sword, took aim, and brought the sword down swiftly, causing a sudden detachment of Malchus’ ear. Peter had probably wished to cleave him down the head, but God’s over-ruling providence directed the stroke so an execution did not occur. Acting solely out of emotion, Peter’s thought process failed to reveal how, by striking one man, he was in essence taking on the entire detachment of soldiers, who were members of the Roman army. These men were trained killers, whereas Peter was a former fisherman who was untrained in hand-to-combat and swordsmanship. Had his blow been true, a larger, deadly battle might have ensued.

Peter’s intentions were good. He had an honest zeal for His Master and wanted to protect Him, but his actions were misguided. It was only a short time before, in that very Garden, Peter had promised to lay down His life for Jesus (Matthew 26:33). Perhaps he thought he was acting out his promise. Or, perhaps Peter was exasperated at Judas’ betrayal of His Master his rage erupted into a boldness that caused him to strike out violently at Jesus’ oppressors.

Unfortunately, Peter’s good intentions did not justify his actions. First, He was unprepared for the situation. Second, while Jesus had been praying, Peter had been sleeping. Not being prayed up, Peter was vulnerable to his Earthly emotions. Third, Peter had no approval from his Master to do such a thing. Soldiers of Jesus Christ must wait His Word of commandment, not jump into the fray without His blessing. By doing so, Peter had exposed himself and others to unnecessary danger. Fourth, he resisted the powers that were, which His Master never endorsed, only forbade (Matthew 5:39)

Finally, Peter’s actions were in opposition to the sufferings Jesus had foretold, to which Peter objected and for which Jesus had rebuked him previously (John 18:11). Jesus had said He must and would suffer in order to fulfill Scripture, and His hour had come. Now, although Peter thought he was fighting for Christ, he in fact fought against Him and the very will of God the Father.

Peter’s sudden detachment of Malchus’ ear gave Jesus one more chance to demonstrate His power and goodness by healing the hurt (Luke 22:51). God appears to be giving the aggressors one last opportunity to recognize their sin as well as His Son’s power to restore bodies and souls. They were presented with one final chance to divorce themselves from the evil about to take place, but they did not. Instead, they chose to make retribution for their earlier embarrassment of being knocked to the ground (John 18:6). Oblivious to the opportunity, they seized Jesus.

Have you experienced a sudden detachment in your life? Have you become detached from a spouse, a sibling, a rebellious child, a coworker, a company, a friend, a business partner, or even a church? Jesus shows us how He has the love and the power to heal any type of sudden detachment, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual.

It is normal for Jesus to want to fix the situation and to mend the pain we feel. Don’t sleep as the disciples did when they should have been praying (Matthew 26:40-41, 43-46). Go to Him in prayer today and ask Him to heal any sudden detachment in your life.

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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