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Friday, November 20, 2015

Working from Home

With today’s modern computers and communication technologies, an increasing number of corporate employees work at home one or more days per week. They enjoy the convenience and relaxed atmosphere outside the office and often find they can accomplish more than they could amidst workplace distractions. Performing great works from a distance was not invented by 20th or 21st century man, however. This trend was started by our LORD Jesus Christ, who performed one of His miracles from a town which, at the time, He considered His temporary, Earthly home.

In Matthew Chapter 8, we find that Jesus had settled for a while in the town of Capernaum. Even though the Son of Man did not own a house, for a time He considered this town as His home base because He dwelled there temporarily. It was there that a Roman soldier, a centurion, asked for Jesus’ help. “”LORD”, he said, “my servant lies at home paralyzed and in terrible suffering.” (Matthew 8:6).

Jesus complied with the centurion’s request from the first word. This came as a shock to the local people, because the supplicant was a Gentile, and a dreaded one at that. He was a soldier, one of the despised ones who occupied Israel. He was an officer in the army, quite likely the commander-in-chief of the division of the Roman army that was quartered in Capernaum. Yet the centurion’s faith and humble approach touched our LORD and He agreed to comply with the request.

Responding to Jesus’ kindness, the centurion showed again his respect for our Savior, replying, “LORD, I do not deserve to have you come under my roof.” (Matthew 8:8). The soldier’s pious regard and affection for Christ along with His faith touched Jesus’ heart. This gave Jesus the opportunity to not only display His glory, but to magnify the miracle even further.

The usual healing approach is to bring a physician and a patient together. The physician examines the patient, checks the vital signs, performs the necessary actions, and prescribes the necessary medicines and actions for the patient to perform. Then both the physician and the patient wait for the healing process to take place over the necessary time period.

Jesus, however, is not constrained to heal in the usual manner; He heals in the normal Way. As the Great Physician, He does not have to make a house call or visit the patient in an office or hospital setting. With all the power of Heaven and Earth under His command, Jesus healed the paralyzed man instantly, with no time delay – all without leaving home. Just as His Father spoke to create the Heavens and the Earth (Genesis 1:1-26), Jesus spoke to heal the centurion’s servant.

The centurion received the honor of having Christ heal his servant, but Christ received both honor and glory for having done a miracle from afar. No other physician had ever performed such a magnificent feat. And let us not forget the servant – he was blessed by having his terrible suffering eliminated.

Is there a terrible illness afflicting you today? A debilitating disease? An injury from an accident? A broken heart? Christ, our Great Physician, is still at work today. Jesus went about doing good when He was here on Earth, and every place He went was the better for it. Today He is in His Heavenly home and is ready to heal your spirit if not your every physical need. He is working from His Heavenly home every day and He still has the power to heal you if you call on Him.

It is normal for Jesus to heal. Jesus loves to heal those who show Him honor, humility and faith. His grace is just as magnificent now as it ever was. He has healing under His wings for those who approach Him with a pure heart. Most amazing of all, He performs all of His healing while working from His home in Heaven.

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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