Failure Is Not Fatal

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Failure Is Not Fatal

Life’s ups and downs can be very trying. Each day we are met with challenges to deal with whether we are prepared or not. We tackle these challenges as best we can, winning some battles and losing others.

Our successes usually bring joy, but failures weigh on us heavily. Sometimes we put this burden on ourselves, sometimes other people torture us with our failures. Somehow, the joy of success seems so fleeting whereas our failures continue to haunt us without end. Satan takes particular delight in torturing us by reminding us of our most poignant failures. He also uses them to discredit us before God (Revelation 12:10)

One of God’s gifts to us through His Holy Word is the revelation that failure is not fatal. Scripture contains numerous stories of restoration and hope. God does this to let us know He is always there, whether we are succeeding or failing. This gives us the hope we need to persevere.

Peter provides a good example of God’s ability to rescue us from our failures. In John 21, we find Peter returning to his old way of life, being a fisherman. Peter was feeling dejected because of his performance before Christ’s death. How boldly he had pronounced how he would die for his Master (John 13:37)! What a fool he had made of himself when he cut of the ear of Malchus (John 18:10). Now he was returning to his former life of a fisherman, both literally and symbolically, and he continued to fail. He had failed Jesus Christ by denying Him not once, but three times as Jesus had predicted. Now, he was continuing to fail – he couldn’t catch a single fish. (John 21:3).

Jesus chose the time when the disciples, especially Peter, were feeling their greatest sadness and frustrations to reappear and encourage them. Jesus makes a special effort with Peter, encouraging him and restoring him. Jesus let Peter know his failures were temporary and had been forgiven. Jesus told Peter he would go on to do great things, a prophecy Peter later fulfilled. In the end, it was not Peter’s failures that prove fatal, it was his success on behalf of Jesus Christ that caused him to be martyred.

We see through this story that no matter how big a failure we feel we are in life, Jesus is always ready to restore us. His love goes beyond our day-to-day failures. His love transcends even huge failures such as Peter’s denial of Christ. Often, it is our denial of Christ or our unwillingness to put our faith in His strength that brings failure upon us. This was the message Christ sent to Peter as well as to us today.

Failure is something you will encounter in your life. However, Jesus shows us it is normal for Him to want to restore us so we can continue to bear our burdens. It is through His love and power that we can recover from our losses and summon the strength to carry on.

Failure is not fatal. Only the failure to rely on Him will bring failure and fatality. It is normal to draw on Christ’s strength and wisdom to recover from failure. Will you call upon Him today to release you from the bonds of failure?

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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