Where have you been?

Where have you been?

Yes, a very busy summer and many changes have happened.

Campuses closing, some Sundays – just go and wait, Moms weeping over their sons transition and asking for a local church for them to attend, local community summer programs starting, Fall school intervention programs, etc.…. Lots of “Fire-Fighting” in the Spiritual Battle of today’s culture with many young minds.

Just the other day, Sun and I traveled to a Georgia DJJ Campus and had the opportunity to speak to several boys. As they all stared at me with a look of “lack of hope” for their future, then we opened up the Word of God to show them their future plans from Him. Many knew they made a mistake and got caught doing crime, but needed a “wake-up” call in their life, others just didn’t know anything about “Who is GOD”. I finished up the Bible Discussion Group with a popular verse that many of us know and have memorize as a child – John 3:16. I slowly share the verse and the meaning with the group, but many had never heard of this passage, let alone anything in the Bible.

Guess what? We continue to have opportunities to serve the Aiken County Schools in South Carolina again this school year with “The Truth about Gangs – Fear Factor”, Who is a Bully- NOT ME!” Presentations, “Positive Men, Positive Choices (PMPC)”, and One Degree at a Time – “Change the Way You Think & Act” groups at 2nd Baptist Church of Aiken. These open doors need “willing people” to continue to keep these doors open with your volunteer time and support! At the end of one our presentations, a young man approached me with a letter he had written to me about the impact of the message we shared with his school.

His letter read, “Dear Mr. Devon, I’m in the 8th grade and when I was four there was a gas station robbery. My Mom was there and the guy robbing the store shot my mom in the chest. She was murdered….I kind of have trouble talking about it sometimes but thanks for opening the eyes of others about the pain someone can cause others with their bad choices.”

Supporters of Full Circle Refuge, this is what 21 years of ministry is all about – Reaching the Hopeless, Helpless, Hurting, and Hug-less culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will provide Hope, Help, Healing, and Comfort for eternity!IMG_0036

So, Yes! We THANK YOU for staying with us on this journey that GOD has place on our hearts – “To See Jesus Transform the Youth At-risk and Juvenile Offenders!”

As God’s Word states in 2 Thessalonians 3 4-5,  ” The Lord gives us confidence that you are doing and will continue to do what we ordered you to do. May the Lord direct your lives as you show God’s love and Christ’s endurance.”

Devon and Sun Harris

Missionaries to Youth at-risk!

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