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Wednesday, September 3, 2015

More than Bread

Did you know there is a famine in our nation today? This fact comes as a surprise to many people, but there is indeed a very real famine in the United States today. It is not a physical famine. It is not a famine of food or bread. It is even more severe than that. The famine rampant today is a spiritual famine, a famine for the Word of God.

Our nation is starving to death spiritually, starving for God’s Word. God’s Word has been taken out of our schools, homes, government (even though our constitution is clearly founded on the principles of Scripture), entertainment, the public sector, and even out of some churches. Even on the latest one-dollar coin issued by the U.S. Mint, the words “In God We Trust” have been relegated to obscurity on the coin’s side. This offensive dislocation is obviously to appease those who would have God’s name removed completely, but it is an insult to God.

Ironically, there exists a simultaneous overabundance of “spiritualism” in our nation. There are countless people and organizations to assist you in exploring your “spiritual side”, most of them targeting your self-esteem, self-worth, and other self-centered endeavors. Others flock to cults such as Scientology, Kabbalah, the Unification Church, Mormonism, and others. The rich and famous seem to have a special fascination for these cults. Because of this flight from the Truth, our nation is starving to death spiritually. Today there is a famine of the Word of God.

The Bible tells us man does not live on bread alone (Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4). We need more than bread. Man is much more than a one-dimensional creature who exists only to eat. There is more to you than just a physical anatomy. You are much more than chemical reactions, DNA, cartilage, bones, and blood. You are far more complex than that – God has given you a soul and that soul needs spiritual food.

If you were just a one-dimensional creature, just a physical animal, then all you would need to be happy and complete is to have your physical impulses and needs met. If you were just an animal, then bread would be enough. All you would need to be perfectly content would be shelter, a mate, and food. The human soul, however, craves the spiritual food that comes only through the spiritual bread of God’s Word.

As a society, we have a great abundance of physical, cultural, and academic resources, yet it is not enough. We live the most physically comfortable, lavish lifestyles any society has ever known in all human history. We live in a society that emphasizes and promotes sexual promiscuity society rampantly, aided by the latest pharmaceuticals that both inhibit and encourage procreation. We have more to eat than any group of people has ever known, yet our society is literally imploding in on itself. We are an empty, existential society, a lost culture, and an unhappy people.

If we were just a one-dimensional, physical animal, just a highly evolved species as the humanists and the evolutionist say we are, we have everything we should need to make us happy. The fact is we are more than just one-dimensional creatures. We are three-dimensional, with a body, soul, and spirit that need more than bread to survive (Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4). We must have more than just our physical needs met in order to be whole, complete, and content. We were built with the capacity to relate to God, and to know Him – something no other living organism can do. Without Him, our lives are empty and hollow. Without Him, we feel incomplete and unsatisfied to matter how comfortable we may be physically. Without Him, life is not normal.

The Truth is, you need more than bread. You need God and His Word in your life. You need more than houses, clothes, cars, HD TVs, smart phones, iPads, business success, overnight shipping, sexual relationships, fame, wealth, jewelry, and fine dining to satisfy your soul. You need Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God. To live a normal life, you need to have a relationship with God. You need to communicate with God. You need God’s Word – every Word that comes out of the mouth of God!

Twenty-first century America is not the first culture to experience such a famine (Amos 8:11). Today there is a famine in our land, a famine for the Word of God. The same God who fed the Israelites in the desert with manna wants to feed you through His Son Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life. You need more than bread, you need Jesus. If you are starving spiritually, He is the answer. It is normal to want to sustain yourself, but you need spiritual food as well as physical food. God gave us His Son so we could feast in the Spirit. Are you ready to come to the table and dine on the Bread of Life?

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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