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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Invitation & Response

Our LORD often uses unusual circumstances or events to heighten our awareness of Him. These instances direct our attention and help us focus on spiritual matters. During these times He typically extends a special invitation to come closer in our relationship with Him. When He does, we must recognize His call and to respond to His invitation in an appropriate and normal manner. The story of Moses and the burning bush provides many insights regarding the caution, care, and respect we should use when approaching our LORD in response to His invitation.

The sight of a burning bush piqued Moses’ curiosity. Dutifully, he decided to investigate this strange phenomenon. This type of curiosity is normal, as the things God reveals to us are meant to be investigated and understood. As such, we should inquire diligently as to their origin, because they are one form of invitation from God to see His greatness. One reason Jesus spoke in parables was to cause us to seek Him and to gain an understanding of His Ways.

Moses’ normal response pleased the LORD. Still, He wished Moses to draw closer, yet with caution – not to come too near, nor too rashly. God called Moses by name, “Moses! Moses!” (Exodus 3:4), so He could have Moses’ full attention. Already puzzled over the burning bush, Moses was probably even more surprised to hear the voice of God. God shows us here that His call is personal. He knows us by name and calls to us individually (Exodus 33:12).

When God calls us by invitation, He expects a normal response. We must return to Him with an obedient answer and a willing heart. Here we see Moses respond normally, saying “Here I am.” Moses indicates his attention is fully on God’s call. Moses implies he is listening to what the LORD has to say to His servant and he is willing to do the bidding of God.

After our acknowledgement is when God gets serious about the terms of responding to the invitation. He instructed Moses regarding the details of how he must respond to the invitation. God gave Moses a needed caution against rashness and irreverence in his approach. Moses was told to keep his distance – draw near, but not to near as to intrude on God’s affairs. God asked Moses to walk a tightrope, where Moses must satisfy his conscience by being obedient, yet not pry into God’s holy dominion just to satisfy his mortal curiosity.

God sent Moses and us a powerful message: We must be deeply mindful of the infinite distance between us and God (Ecclesiastes 5:2). He is the Great One and we are the servants. When He calls us, even by name, we must not allow pride to swell within us such that we consider ourselves as equals. Though He reveals Himself to us, He knows that, due to our sinful nature, familiarity can cause contempt.

God also demands that Moses express his reverence and his readiness to obey. God commanded Moses to remove his sandals as a token of respect and submission. Moses otherwise would have tread on Holy ground, ground made sacred due to God’s special manifestation of Himself. To intrude on it with soiled shoes would constitute a sacrilege (Ecclesiastes 5:1).

God’s special invitations to us are meant to invoke a normal response. When He calls, we should come, but with the utmost respect. We need to approach God with solemn pause and preparation so we convey our inward reverence. His invitation is not to be taken lightly, even when He reveals His infinite familiarity with us. We must respond normally, avoiding everything that would appear dishonoring or rude. How will you respond the next time you hear God’s call to you?

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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