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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Essence

Many Christians look at the varied facets of Christianity and wonder what the essence of the Christian life is. Is it religion or religious activity? Is it an institution such as the Church and attending church faithfully? Is it a body of beliefs or doctrines? These are all parts of the Christian life, but you can devote yourself to all these things and still miss the essence of the Christian life. You can be religious, you can be an active church member, you can be a Bible student or a respected theologian, yet still miss the very essence of the Christian life.

The essence of the Christian life is Jesus Christ. Pure and simple, that’s it. Jesus is the sum total of the Christian life. It’s analogous to a marriage. The ultimate essence and summation of marriage is being married to someone you love with all your heart. Your mate is your marriage. You can read books and attend seminars on marriage so you understand intellectually the dynamics of the husband/wife relationship, you can go to weddings so often you can repeat the vows, you can talk about marriage, you can wear a wedding band, but, until you commit spiritually, one hundred percent, with the person God has given you, you are missing the very essence of marriage.

The essence of marriage is not the institution of marriage or instruction about marriage. The essence of marriage is the individual to whom you are married and your relationship with that person. Likewise, the essence of the Christian life is the wonderful living person of Jesus Christ and your relationship to Him. It is knowing Him, loving Him, being loved by Him, enjoying fellowship with Him, and being empowered by Him. The essence of the Christian life is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

The Bible informs us regarding His essence. In Colossians 1:27 it says, “…Christ in you, the hope of glory.” In Colossians 3:4 says, “Christ, who is our life…”  And yet so many, many people miss the very essence of the Christian life because we are so easily distracted for Him who alone is our life.

The essence of the Christian life is to abide in Christ, to “remain” in Him. This is an act of being, not so much an act of doing. We tend always to want to do something. Abiding in Christ should relate to the essence of our being, not the essence of our doing. It is normal to rest in our personal relationship with Him. It is normal to receive wisdom and comfort from Him. It is normal to replicate the love He shows to each of us.

The essence of the Christian life is not about doing, it is about being and abiding in Jesus Christ. Faith without works is dead, but works can become ends in themselves and distract us from the true essence of the faith, our LORD and Savior. He is our reason to believe. He is our reason to live and our source of eternal life.

Be in Him. Abide in Him. Connect with Him today. It’s the personal relationship with Him that makes Christianity special, knowing He wants to be with you and have your fellowship (Revelation 3:20). Only you can give this to Him. He wants you to abide in Him so He can give you the comfort and peace you desire. Be with Him and abide in Him, for He is the essence and the Life.

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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