Waste of Space?

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Waste of Space?

God’s Universe is a vast, mostly empty place, which has fascinated man since He created it. This fascination extends to wondering whether life exists elsewhere. Hollywood has often capitalized on this interest in films, including “Contact”, wherein the plot focuses on the search for extraterrestrial life. A woman astronomer, also an atheist, finds a foil in a former priest who remains a staunch believer in the LORD. As they gaze together one night into the Heavens of the night sky, wondering if there is life on other planets, they both reached the same conclusion: If there’s not, it’s an awful waste of space.

The size of the Universe is far beyond our comprehension. There appear to be vast expanses of nothingness in almost every direction, with only an occasional chunk of matter. One could travel great distances and not encounter a single star, planet, or other Heavenly object. Mostly what you would encounter is empty space. This is the nature of our Universe, and God created it this way for reasons known only to Him.

Correspondingly, some of the smallest entities in the Universe, atoms, also contain mostly empty space. There is a great void between the inner core of the atom’s dense nucleus and the outer, orbiting electrons. Is that space wasted as well? “Contact” is silent on this issue.

In many ways, atoms are ultra-small-scale reflections of the orbital systems we observe in our own solar system, galaxy, and beyond, suggesting both are the result a single designer using the same modus operandi (MO) at different scales. The field of fractal science studies objects that have similar patterns, roughness, or structure, yet differ in size or scale. It only makes sense that a God of order would put His fingerprint on designs by repeating His MO (Romans (1:19-20) at both the immense and miniscule levels.

Modern physicists are still looking for explanations as to what, if anything, is filling all the empty space, both at the atomic and astronomic level. My belief is simple: Since He is everywhere, He is filling the space in the atoms as well as the space in the cosmos. He is so large it takes every bit of space available just to hold Him. In fact, this is probably not even enough. Since we don’t really understand who He is or how He works, we can only speculate. We are sure He is omnipresent, which may in itself answer the question. We also know His creation is good (Genesis 1:31).

In “Contact”, based on atheist Carl Sagan’s work, the “wasted space” theme exhorts the viewer repeatedly to conclude that if no life elsewhere, God’s creation is imperfect. By the end of the film, you’ve heard the phrase so many times it is easy to start believing it. My conclusion – there’s no wasted space at all in God’s Universe because, when He made it, it was perfect.

Another movie tenet exploits the Drake equation, which hypothesizes that if even the tiniest fraction of all the stars in the Universe had hospitable planets, there would still be billions of candidate locations for life. The atheist astronomer concludes it is inconceivable that no other suitable planet has life because there are so many opportunities. But what if it were true that none of the billions of Earth-like planets had life? This flip-flops the logical conclusion – if the inconceivable is true (i.e., no life elsewhere), then it was God who decided to suppress life on the billions of hospitable planets just to show us He has the power to beat the odds!

In the movie, the atheist astronomer is transported in an instant to a distant planet light years away, where she converses for many minutes with her deceased father. When she returns, those on Earth tell her she never left because no time had passed. When we die, Christian believers will be instantly transported to Heaven. I have no idea regarding the physical distance to Heaven, but because I have Jesus living in my heart I know I can’t be too far away. Moreover, time passing will be irrelevant because we will be there for all eternity.

I don’t know if life exists on other planets, only God knows. If He has chosen to do so, I accept His decision because I know He makes no mistakes. Conversely, He has every right to limit His creation of life to Earth. As the potter, He has the right to make a Universe filled with space on every level and to make as many life forms as He chooses on as many planets as He chooses. One thing we do know – eternal life exists in Heaven and He told us how to get there (John 3:16, 14:1-6).

It’s normal for God to be everywhere. It’s normal for Him to fill up empty space with His presence. We may see huge gaps that we consider emptiness between objects, whether they be atomic particles or stars and black holes, but He is there to fill the voids. It may just be the emptiness of our minds, hearts, or faith. Empty or not, those empty spaces are not a waste of space in my opinion. They’re exactly the way God intended them to be. His creation is perfect, He is not a waste of space, and He is ready to fill you with His Spirit and love. Having Him inside you is not a waste of space.

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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