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Friday, April 10, 2015

Well, Well, Well

A few years ago, I found myself driving across the New Mexico desert on a business trip. The view captured numerous windmills spinning on isolated ranches along the route. Windmills are used commonly in the southwestern U.S. to pump water from the ground for livestock and irrigation. With my background in mining and geology, this practice reminded me how there are three kinds of wells. Taking things a step further, the Spirit led me to associate the three types of wells with three different types of people and their nature when it comes to giving.

The first type of well is the dry well. As the name implies, there’s nothing there. The hole can be shallow or deep, but no matter how long or how hard you pump, nothing comes out. This type of well has penetrated dry soil and rock layers incapable of providing a water source. The dryness may be due to various factors, but it is particularly common in shallow rock formations. This characteristic is analogous to shallow people, who have nothing to give on behalf of God’s kingdom.

The second type of well is the pumping well. This is a useful well as it produces water. However, you must invest a significant amount of energy to pump before it produces results. In this case, the water is there, but to make it available for use you are required to apply time and energy to coax the water out. This situation is again analogous to a lot of people: They have money, time, talents, and other items to give, but you have to ask them for it. In fact, often you have to “pump” them for quite a while in order to produce fruit for the Kingdom.

The third kind of well is the artesian well, a rancher’s dream. This type of well flows all on its own, self-starting and free-flowing, gushing out water with no need to pump it or assist it. As soon as you come in contact with it, water flows naturally and continually, often in large volumes. All you have to do is channel it and disperse it to the appropriate areas in need. Spiritually, some people act as artesians. These free-flowing spirits are continually giving their time and talents. They give to church funds even when no special drive is going on. They are wells of giving, just bubbling up and spouting a constant flow of gifts of all types.

An artesian well is caused by pressure on the water column from the highest elevations, pressure from above, if you will. This dynamic forces the water to flow freely and continually, and is not concerned if some of it spills and is wasted. It flows no matter who receives the benefit from the source. It flows no matter who gets the credit. It flows because it is normal for it to do so. I can’t help but think God puts His gentle pressure from above on Christian “artesians” so they have no choice but to give.

Ask yourself today what kind of a well you are. Are you a dry well, a pumping well, or an artesian? How would others answer that question about you? Scripture indicates that each of us is called to give to God’s Kingdom and to do it cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7). Is God applying gentle pressure from above for you to give of your time talents, and other resources to advance His Kingdom? Does that gentle touch make it so you have no other desire than to give?

It is normal to give, and there are many ways to give, not just with money. As you fellowship with other Christians, you may want to observe what type of “well” they are. I hope each of you will examine your own giving and determine what kind of well you are. My prayer today is for all of us to increase the volume of our outputs and for all believers to become artesians. It’s the normal response to all that God has given us.

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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