In the Beginning God – Part 1 of 2

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Monday, February 9, 2015

In the Beginning God – Part 1 of 2

What are the four most important words in the Bible? There are many wonderful answers to this question, but I have always been partial to former Pastor Rick Ferguson’s, who s believed the most important words in the Bible are the first four: In the beginning God. The message today is based largely on Rick’s work and words; Rick is now at home with the LORD.

In the beginning God. Think about it: if you can believe these four words, the whole rest of the Bible will come easily. In the beginning God. If you can’t get past these four words, the entire rest of the Bible will be a struggle. In the beginning God. If this phrase has no meaning, then the rest of the Bible has no meaning. In the beginning GOD. If these four words have no substance in reality then, the rest of the Bible has no substance in reality.

If you accept a philosophy or a belief system that challenges or contradicts the first four words of the Bible, the rest of the Bible is going to be pretty difficult. If you accept a philosophy or a belief system that opposes the first four words of the Bible, then you might just as well throw away the rest of the Bible. If the first four words are not true, then none of the rest of it is true. Sadly, many today have bought into Satan’s lie that there is no God and if there’s no God, then whatever you do is fine.

Your entire worldview is shaped by the way you fill in the last word in the phrase “In the beginning ______. If you answer anything except God, you have opted for a religion that does not exist or that does not include a supreme being. You will end up rejecting God’s Truth as you embark on a quest to determine your own truth.

If we search for God’s Truth, we can start by examining what He has given us. Then we can study what we can observe in this world as well as what is invisible. For example, we know there is a dimension outside the dimension of our observable realities of time and space. There is a dimension beyond our grasp and comprehension, which is the dimension of the eternal and the infinite. This is where you find God.

At this point, you must make a decision that will affect all of your eternity. Fortunately, the decision is pretty simple, but it is decision of faith, because you will never be able in this life to prove by way of scientific method which is choice is right. You have only two options, so if you toss a coin, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. Don’t blow it by leaving your decision to chance. I believe if you analyze the evidence closely and objectively, you will be lead to the right conclusion.

The choice is the answer to the question of “First Cause”, that is, where did the Universe come from, and what caused it to organize? So now, you believe either:

(1) Matter is eternal and it organized itself by accident and chance…. or

(2) God is eternal and He created all matter out of sheer fiat and organized it into the Universe as we know it.

Be careful how you answer the question of “First Cause”, because the way you answer that question is going to shape your entire worldview. It’s going to impact everything in your life: The way you behave, the way you set your priorities, the way you raise your children. Also understand how either answer you give is an answer of faith because neither postulate can be verified by scientific methods. That is why you cannot prove matter is eternal and it somehow “accidentally” organized itself into a complex Universe and eventually into complex life forms.

It is normal to believe in God as the First Cause. Scientists often try to understand so they can believe; Christians believe so they can understand. Ironically, science contains unmistakable clues into the answer of the First Cause question. Tomorrow we will examine some of the clues God gave us in the scientific world that point to His existence.

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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