Full Circle Refuge Executive Director’s “2015 Vision Update”


During my daily research and readings, I came across an article written in The Mission Network News stating that, “Mission-minded people view the world differently”        Mission-minded people are different. That’s it. Somehow they manage to see the world from another perspective. The things they do and the decisions they make are just different than what other people would usually do. You can find them in your church, place of work, or coaching Little League. They are aware of the power of the Gospel to change lives. They know that even the smallest actions can demonstrate the grace and mercy of God. But honestly, every Christian “knows” this. So, what do mission-minded people actually do that’s different?

This article reminds us at Full Circle Refuge of what we have are “Called-Out Ones or Champions” like King David, Moses, Paul, and of course, Jesus Christ as the Champion of all Champions! Full Circle Refuge “Called-Out Ones” are mission-minded people with our “marching-orders” for 2015, to seek out Champions for Christ in our communities, YDCs, and schools.

As God continues to direct us to the needs and disconnects in our society, it gives Full Circle Refuge an opportunity to develop out of the disconnect, a solution.  As we refine the solution to the need and when the need is met, now we seek “Champions” to place their God-given gifts into action!

 In Fall of 2014, Full Circle Refuge was asked to meet a need in the Aiken County Schools – to develop “One Degree at a Time” Groups with disfranchised young men within the school classroom. The School identified five schools with a need of intervention with disconnected youth. This month, January 2015, we committed our resources and past experiences of youth at-risk to the task to pilot a Modified “Change the Way You Think & Act!” Plan- what is now called “Positive Men, Positive Choices”.  Mark Jenkins with the assistance of Mark Epps will champion this task each week until the end of the school year in these five schools.

 How can you be part of this solution?

1. Be a Prayer Warrior each week as the team goes to meet with these young men;

2. Volunteer to support, speak, assist the “Positive Men, Positive Choices” sessions;

3. Invest into Mark Jenkins’ life with your donations – Mark is starting all of this out of faith with nothing else  BUT GOD. He is currently seeking partnerships with you and your sphere of influence to sustain his task GOD has call him too. This movement has the potential to move into additional communities in South Carolina and Georgia in 2015 – 2016.

 Full Circle Refuge Ministries is a juvenile justice ministry organization, working in the Southeastern US to see Jesus Christ transform the lives of juvenile offenders and at-risk youth.

 Full Circle Refuge Ministries, an affiliate of Straight Ahead Ministries, walks with juvenile offenders through every step of this journey. We begin in lock-up, offering opportunities for kids to hear and respond to the Gospel and discover new ways of thinking and living. We continue through reentry, providing structure and support to help them thought the critical transition into their communities and develop the skills and character that will see them through each step of their journey of faith.


You can give on-line at the DONATE NOW button.

Many supporters are donation via their Bank on-line which you can set-up a monthly donation. All you need is to do is submit Full Circle Refuge mailing address and the date for the donation to be sent.

 If you would like to assist today!

 Our mailing address is: PO Box 1563, Evans, GA 30809

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