A Normal Descent

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Monday, December 1, 2014

A Normal Descent

The promise of a Savior was first given in Genesis 3:15, right after the fall of man. After that, many references to the coming of the Messiah are given through the patriarchs and the prophets. When Jesus finally came, however, He remained largely a mystery to His own people and many failed to recognize Him. In a design to clear up the mystery, God uses the opening verses of the first Gospel to detail Jesus’ family genealogy.

Matthew begins his Gospel by listing the Earthly family of Jesus’ descent. Genealogy was and remains highly important to the Jews, so proving His lineage is a top priority. The Gospel of Matthew is a book written by a Jew for Jews, providing the needed pedigree of Christ our LORD so objections might be vanquished. The evangelist offers the detailed account of Christ’s parentage and birth, listing the ancestors from whom He descended – 42 generations in all.

The Old Testament begins with the Book of Genesis, which to its glory gives an account of the generation of the world God created. What is not seen as widely, however, is that the New Testament also begins with a different type of book of Genesis, one that discloses the generation of Him who made the world. The creation of the world surely deserves honor and praise, but the One who created it deserves even more.

Because Jesus deserves all glory, honor, and praise, His genealogy is not self-promoting, as those of great Earthly men often are. It is meant to inform sinners, not to puff up our LORD. In fact, there is much in the lineage of our LORD that humiliates Him and His ancestors. Most Earthly men would try to disguise or remove unwanted ancestors, but not our LORD. He is willing to show us how much He loves all His people despite their sin. The refreshing candidness lends credibility to His claim and proves His title as Master of all. God could have arranged for His Son to have had a glorious human lineage; instead He came humbly through a line of killers, adulterers, prostitutes, and other sinners.

The design of the genealogy demonstrates that Jesus Christ is the son of David, the son of Abraham, whose families were promised to be part of Christ’s lineage. It was promised to Abraham that Christ should descend from him (Genesis 12:3, 22:18). Similarly, it was promised to David that our LORD should descend from him (2 Samuel 7:12; Psalm 89:3, Psalm 132:11). Unless it can be proved that Jesus is a son of David and a son of Abraham, He cannot be considered the Messiah by either Jew or Gentile.

Matthew based Jesus’ genealogy on the authentic records of the herald’s offices. The Jews were very exact and disciplined in preserving their pedigrees, which served as crucial documents in clearing up and establishing the descent of the Messiah from His fathers. Without the benefit of their own records, Matthew would be faced with a difficult task of establishing Jesus to be a son of Abraham or David based only on Jesus’ claims. As all the Gospels reveal, Jesus’ claims were rejected most vehemently by His own people, the Jews. The evidence was there, but they failed to do their homework.

It is normal for God to reveal the Genesis of those most precious and dear to us – our Savior and our world. Through Matthew, God establishes Jesus as a son of Abraham who was promised to be the father of many nations and the son of David on whose shoulders the government was to be placed. Christ’s genealogy shows how God is faithful to His promises, even if they take three times fourteen generations to be accomplished.

God’s plans are always normal and His promises always assured. His outgoings were of old, from everlasting, from ancient times (Micah 5:2), yet nonetheless guaranteed. Jesus Christ was sent forth in the fullness of God’s time, born of a virgin as promised, and declared to be the Messiah. God’s promises of Christ’s return are just as sure. Because God has shown Himself faithful in fulfilling every promise He made, we can rest assured Christ will come again.

It was normal for Jews to trace their descent from their ancestors so they could prove themselves a member of God’s chosen people. God’s chosen One, our Savior, descended from a lineage carefully designed by God. His pedigree supports His claim as the Messiah. Anyone who claims Jesus as LORD may now become one of God’s children and an heir to the Kingdom of Heaven (Romans 8:17, Galatians 3:29). Don’t miss your chance to become part of this eternal promise.

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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