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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Mind of Christ

Your thought life is the most private, personal part of your entire life. No other person knows your thoughts. Whatever you are thinking right now is hidden from the rest of the people in this world – aren’t you glad? What if everyone in your office knew exactly how you felt at every moment? What would happen if your spouse, parent, or other loved one knew every thought that ever passed through your mind? We’d all be in a lot of trouble!

Mercifully, our thoughts are hidden from other people. But does it occur to you that none of your thoughts is hidden from God? Are you aware God knows every single thought that goes through your mind, the good and the bad, the sacred and the profane? Think about it – every fleeting thought passes by God for His review. That’s pretty scary! He knows every secret thought you have, and it is normal for God to inspect and evaluate whatever passes through your mind.

The Bible confirms to us that God and Jesus are aware of what is on our minds. Jesus knew the thoughts of the wicked and blasphemous Pharisees (Matthew 12:25). Jesus knew what the Pharisees were thinking when they were trying to find reason to accuse Him for healing on the Sabbath (Luke 6:8). John reminds us how intimately Jesus knows us – “He did not need man’s testimony about man, for He knew what was in a man.” (John 2:25).

Even before Jesus came to Earth, it was known how probing God was in our thoughts. David told his son Solomon, “Acknowledge the God of your Father, and serve Him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind, for the LORD searches every heart and understands every motive behind every thought.” (1 Chronicles 28:9). God’s ability should frighten all of us.

Our minds are not always filled with the purest notions. Our minds gravitate toward thoughts that involve carnal, sinful, selfish, prideful, covetous, ambitious, and Godless ideas. Our minds are often captive playgrounds for Satan’s ideas, which need to be purged, because his agenda is only evil (John 10:10). How can we do this? How do we recondition ourselves to think normal, Godly thoughts instead of sinful, carnal thoughts based on our Earthly desires?

“For who has known the mind of the LORD that he may instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 2:16). This verse brings each of us some very good news today. You no longer need to be controlled by negative, critical, lustful, or depressive thoughts. We have hope and assurance of being able to discard our sinful thoughts because we have been given the mind of Christ.

This verse reminds us of some incredible information – when you were saved and accepted Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior, God placed His wonderful Holy Spirit inside of you. The Holy Spirit lives and dwells in both your body and your mind. Because of this, you now have “the mind of Christ”. You can begin thinking God’s thoughts today.

It is through the power of the Holy Spirit we can cast off ungodly thoughts such as worry, dread, fear, anger, covetousness, vengeance, and other malicious thoughts. It is through the Holy Spirit we can transform our thinking to have the mind of Christ and start focusing on Godly thoughts such as praise, purity and victorious living through Him. This is the normal thought life God wants you to enjoy so your life can be more abundant. It won’t be easy because our adversary is constantly on the prowl to trip us up. However, he is a defeated foe and Christ can lead you away from him when you call on His name.

Your joy begins in your mind by thinking God’s thoughts. Now you have the mind of Christ. Don’t waste another day thinking harmful thoughts that drag you down, practice normal thinking. Use the mind of Christ you have been given to enjoy life and share Christ’s uplifting thoughts with others.

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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