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Friday, May 2, 2014

 Entrance Exam

 There are countless questions God will not ask you when you die. For example, He won’t ask you what kind of car you drove, how many square feet were in your home, or what your job title was. He gave you your talents and gifts, so He is prepared for the answers you will give. Even with Him knowing every detail of your life, you can anticipate one special question from Him as you stand before Him before entering Heaven. That question is, “What have you done with my Son, Jesus Christ?” The correct answer is, “I claimed Him as my LORD and Savior.”

The magnitude of our eternal rewards in Heaven depends on how well we showed love to others, if we loved God with all our hearts, if we kept His commandments, and if we dedicated our lives to advancing His Kingdom on Earth. Jesus tells us that some souls will receive greater rewards in Heaven than others (Matthew 11:11). We all want to maximize our Heavenly rewards, but an important first step exists. Before we can obtain any type of reward, we must gain the right to enter God’s Heavenly Kingdom. Entering His Kingdom can only come by passing the entrance exam. That entrance exam may consist of a single question from God: “What did you do with my Son, Jesus Christ?”

God will not want to hear how you were a scholar who studied the life of His Son. God will not want to hear you always thought Jesus was a good person, perhaps even a prophet, but not the Messiah. God will not want to hear how your parents were devout followers of Jesus Christ, but that you had never made the same commitment. The only thing God wants to hear in order to give you a passing grade on His entrance exam is that you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior and that you made Him the LORD of your life. Any other response will be unacceptable and you will fail the entrance exam.

Unlike tests to gain entrance into colleges or other institutions, you can only take the entrance exam to Heaven one time. You only get one shot at this test, so you’d better pass it the first time or your eternity will be mighty bleak (Revelation 20:15).

Be aware that the question to the entrance exam is not posed until you leave this Earth and have no chance to change any aspect of your life. This means if you don’t accept Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior before you die and confess Him with your mouth during your life here on Earth (Romans 10:10), you will definitely fail the entrance exam.

Diligent students always study and prepare before they take an exam. Mercifully, God has created the perfect book for us to study before we take our entrance exam into Heaven. God spent over a thousand years, using many of His faithful servants to create the Bible, His Holy Word, His ultimate reference source, just so we could study and prepare for our entrance exam. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and we must accept Him in order to gain entrance into Heaven (John 14:6). God’s merciful provision of all answers to the test in advance means He will not accept any alternative answers.

God has put eternity in our hearts and we will all have an eternity. The decision only you can make relates to where you will spend it. During our time in this life, that bit of eternity in our hearts creates an emptiness we struggle to fill. God has revealed that only He and His Son Jesus Christ can fill the empty void space inside of us. Without Him, we are incomplete here on Earth. Without His Son, we are incomplete for all eternity.

God wants none of us to perish (2 Peter 3:9), but many will (Matthew 7:13-14). Those who fail the entrance exam will be judged according to what they have done and not done (Revelation 20:12). Those who do not pass the entrance exam will be thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:15). Those who pass the entrance exam will enjoy eternal fellowship and peace with the LORD God (John 3:16).

It is normal to prepare for any examination. It is especially normal to prepare for the one entrance exam that will determine your fate for all eternity. The entrance exam to God’s Kingdom is short and easy – and He’s given us the answer. Don’t risk failing God’s entrance exam by failing to accept His Son Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior. If you haven’t made Jesus your LORD and Savior yet, make sure you do so today. You can commit to Him by praying a simple prayer proclaiming Him as your Savior. With Jesus in your heart, you’ll have everything you need to pass your most important entrance exam ever.

In His love and service,

Jeff Myers
A servant of Jesus Christ


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