Champion Mission Report from Devon and Sun Harris on the Southeast Juvenile Justice Ministry

Devon and Sun HarrisThis first quarter 2014 was an eventful 3 months  of forward-thinking and many new opportunities to serve young minds. There were many opportunities of engaging disconnected youth to a awareness of GOD and many now encountering Christ in their lives and growing in their relationship with HIM. As you can see from the Staff(Full Circle Refuge Champions) of our burden for disconnected youth, many have come to serve and see “Real Change” in young men and women lives.  20140315_100209With the increase in mission, the funding has been very low during the 1st Quarter of 2014 and ministry opportunities have increase at the same time.  Full Circle Refuge Board of Directors, Staff, and volunteers would love to see the ministry meet budget each month as there are so many open doors opportunities we have been given access too for Life-Skills Relationship building and Direct Ministry with disconnected youth in the local community and surrounding countries. Sun and I ask for your prayers for much need support as the 2nd quarter has already tested us and the increase keeps coming of mission needs.

Devon Harris youth event1At the beginning of the 2014, GOD burden us about an Urban Outreach/Church for the men and women coming out of disconnected lives that are asking many Biblical questions. Many wanted a place to serve and learn in their new relationship with Christ. A “Refuge” of accountably like the early Church in Acts 2:39-47. Many wanted a place to belong as some of their past has disconnected from them. It’s always and we  will continue focus on our mission “To see Jesus Christ transform the lives of youth at-risk and juvenile offenders”, so some disconnected youth can connect with the Truth and bring Jesus’ message of Transformation to others in their culture. This is our increase focus this year and beyond, as we provide relational moments for those who felt the pain of lock-up, drugs, and gang violence. So, please read the entire update and share with others in your sphere of influence. You are the ones “Coming alongside” Full Circle Refuge in the same mission and vision of real change in our communities.

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