ONE MOMENT OF CHANGE – Improve my decision in Life!

102_6052Today was a very inspiring day for me and my classmates.


I learned that one little thing can effect the rest of your life and scar you permanently for life. Not only physically but also mentally! If only everybody thought the same and didn’t join gangs everything would be different…..

Everyone deserves a chance to live life to the most, but many teenagers just want popularity, fast money, and a “title”. What they really don’t think about is the effects that will take place if you make the wrong “choice”.

Only we can stop ourselves from doing the “wrong thing”, only we decide our future with “our actions”.72241_1617324907556_1820433_n

Today’s presentation made me think through the things I’ve done in the past, and think of what I need to do to “improve my decision in life”. More people should think things through for a longer time…..

LR – student at Aiken Public Schools – “The Truth about Gangs – FEAR FACTOR” presentation

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