WHO AM I – Identity Crisis of our Youth – Engaging the Culture – Romans 1


A message preached at Family Bible Church – June 30, 2013 by Devon Harris

Paul knew what it was to be a slave to sin and a slave to Judaism, the religion of his fathers.  He became the slave, the servant, of the Christ who delivered him from the bondage of corruption and brought him to freedom.  Do you remember where you came from- thePodcast logo Who Am I - 2 bondage of sin?  Are you a just a Christian or a follower, bondservant of Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior?  There is a difference between just Savior and LORD and SAVIOR. 

How many of us who name the name of Jesus, who profess to be followers of the Lamb of GOD, are you ready to go where HE leads,say what HE leads, do what HE commands? If we are ready to follow Jesus, He will lead us.  Can you say, “I am ready”? Can you say, “I’ll go where you want me to go, I’ll say what you want me to say, My LORD; I’ll be what you want me to be”  If you cannot say that, you need to bow your head now and yield yourself to GOD.

CHALLENGE: So many of us are timid- or perhaps we are just purely ashamed of Jesus!  God pity us if we are! Do yo speak up when you should? Do you speak out for Jesus in the midst of the enemies of Jesus? Are you ashamed of HIS name? Are you ashamed of the Gospel? God help us not to be ashamed of the Gospel, because it was the Gospel that brought light to our poor, sick, blinded minds. It was the Gospel that brought power to transform us from dead sinners to living sons and daughters. It is the Gospel that is a lamp to our feet and a light to our pathway.  You and I who name the name of Jesus Christ should always open the conversation when among people. We should speak out for Jesus. No, I not saying, yell it out HIS NAME to top of our voices or repeat it repeatedly over and over again until it doesn’t sound like HIS name any more. We should tell the whole wide world and each and every individual with whom we come in contact, know that we belong to Jesus Christ and we are HIS because we have learned about HIM though the precious, pure, powerful Gospel.  Paul boldly declared to the Romans, “I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. It may cause me persecution. I may suffer….I may be stoned, I may be beaten, I may be dragged outside of the city for dead; but I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL.  I want everyone in Rome to know that I believe the Gospel; I preach the Gospel. The reason I am not ashamed of it is, it the power of God to save everyone who believes. The message is to the Jew first-but, it is also to the Greek (or to the Gentile)…whosoever will. This message is for everyone!” 

CHALLENGE: One of the most dangerous sins being committed today by man is having the knowledge of God and yet refusing to surrender his all to GOD. Man knows what he should do, but selfishly he refuses to give to God what rightfully belongs to God and what he knows he should surrender to God;  – his body, soul, and spirit. We can see from this passage in Romans that the first step toward heathenism is to “demote” GOd to the level of man ( and that we see now in today’s culture – in the name of religion.



Christendom is rapidly losing sin-consciousness, which means losing God-consciousness-which means eternal doom! 

Are you ready to “GO”? 

 Are you the light and salt in your sphere of Influence?

 Well, GO and SHINE THE LIGHT OF CHRIST in the Culture!

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