Our Real Identity – The Heart of American Society

Podcast logo Who am  -1 144With the pulse of the news media feeding  how to think -based on our emotional thinking! So, I wanted to be REAL about my past and how it affected me in a false Identity. BUT GOD! Gave me a REAL IDENTITY! Now, I KNOW WHO I AM in CHRIST!  But, the American society is still missing the mark! WHY? Because the s0-called church has missed the Biblical mark which reflected on society in the way “They think & act!”.  Always my motto has been – “CHANGE THE WAY WE/THEY THINK & ACT” Romans 12:2.  PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST and SHARE with your Sphere of Influence.  We need to be REAL CHANGE-Agents for the cause of CHRIST! PEACE!

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