Crime Fighting Legacy Effects

Crime Fighting Legacy Effects: “

Crime Fighting Legacy Effects

 The face of crime prevention and law enforcement has changed quite a bit due to rapid share communication. Those of us who have embraced social media have found a valuable tool for

disseminating  B.O.L.O. alerts, fraud trends, gang developments and much more.  Many of you

have your own social media pages dedicated to a specialty within crime prevention such as sexual predators, gangs and missing persons to name a very few.  From such pages and blogs we’ve been given the powerful ability to seek out and network with like minded crime fighters and advocates.


 Now comes time for a bitter pill. The reality is that the issues we seek to remedy will continue long after our sites and internet presence are history. For example, it’s unrealistic for Make America Safer Today to expect that the gang issues will all be resolved during the M.A.S.T. life span.


 Or friend Rusty Keeble of Gang Professionals International and GANGFREE explained it best.

 If the gang problem is a bathtub filling up to the brim we must not only make sure the drain is open and operational, but that we stop the new water from entering the tub. The tub has been filling up for decades, so we cannot expect to have it fully drained in our lifetime. We are but a temporary custodian of the issue and, hopefully, we can help reduce the issue for the next entity that wants to see the tub empty. That analogy can be applied to any crime issue.  That’s where the legacy effect comes in.


Thus, Make America Safer Today and Make Orlando Safer Today are exploring ways to perpetuate the efforts of our Cyber Team and Field Team and we ask that you each do the same for your own efforts.

Who will wear the capes after we’ve moved on or passed on and how can the next group learn from the battles we’ve fought and the lessons we’ve learned ?


 Our efforts today represent the body of work the next generation will use to obtain best practices. That means sharing intel, networking and creating your own legacy effects.


May our ripples reach every shore.


Stay safe, and stay tuned !



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